Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the maximum load for a mega anchor?

30KN for a single 3 pile Mega Anchor and 60KN for a 6 pile Double Mega Anchor.

Is Mega Anchor certified?


The mega anchor is fully certified product in Australia 

You can download the Mega Anchor Design Compliance Certification from the Mega Anchor Technical Information page

Can I build multi storey buildings on Mega Anchors?


The limitation of the Mega Anchors is only limited to the design of the building. As long as there is enaugh anchors to support the building above.  

How long do the piles need to be?

When installing the anchors piles are driven to practical refusal meaning they are driven into the ground until they cannot be driven any further.


A pile test is conducted on site to determine the length of the piles.

For more information please download the Mega Anchor Technical Data Pack

Can the Mega Anchor be used on sloping sites?


The Mega Anchor is ideal for sloping and uneven sites as the centre riser can be adjusted to the required height easily. 

Can they be installed into rock?


In the event that rock in encounted when installing mega anchors it is posssible to drill through the guides of the anchor and into the rock. 

How do I brace the mega anchor?

With the Mega Anchor Bracing System 

A specialised bracing system has been designed to provide the best possible bracing for the Mega Anchor system it consists of universal brackets that connect to the riser and iether another riser or the brace anchor for a brace that is much more effective other methods of bracing.  

Do I require engineering?

Yes & No 


The mega anchor is a pre engineered product so there is no engineering required for the Mega Anchor itself.

The Mega Anchor installation process in self certifying removing the need for engineers to specify pile depths.


However you may require a professional weather it be an egineer architect or designer to specify the quantity and locations of the anchors to ensure they will support the building above.


It is important to include a mega anchor stump layout when in the planning stages of yor project.


For more information on engineering and technical data pleave visit the Mega Anchor Technical Information page     

Is there a local supplier in my area?


There are a selection of mega anchor suppliers & installers scattered around Australia

How much does a mega anchor cost?

The Recomeded retail price for a standard single Mega Anchor is $25.00.

A Mega Anchor standard Top to connect your bearer or structural member is RR $14.50.

These are the main components we supply.

There are a number of components required. The mega anchor itself, the three piles that drive into the ground, the length of the piles will vary depending on the ground type, average pile length is 1.5 meters, the pile material is available at most steel outlets around Australia for around $4.00 per meter so ADD $18.00 for piles.

The upright pipe we call the riser that goes from the ground to the underside of the bearer and connects to the Mega Anchor top bracket, the length will vary depending on the height of the structure from the ground, riser pipe is availible at most steel outlets around Australia for around $8.00 per meter. Average rise height is 500mm so ADD $4.00 for Riser.

Tek screws to fix the components together ADD$2.00

So average retail cost for Mega Anchor components as a guide is $63.50

Note: This price can be reduced considerably for multiple units to registered trades.

For pricing on the Mega Anchor manufactured components please download the Mega Anchor Price List

For a complete supply and install solution:

The cost of an installed mega anchor will vary depending on the conditions.Factors that will affect the cost include:Ground Conditions (this will affect the length of the piles and will incur more cost with material and installation time.Location (if you are in a remote area freight & travel time will increase costs.)The number of anchors being installed. Installing small quantities of anchors will end up being more expensive per unit.)Installation into rock (installations into rock is a longer process and more labour intensive and will add to the cost of an installation.)Considering the above the average price for a complete supply and install solution is around $120 - $150

Do I require any special equipment to install Mega Anchors?



There is 2 main specialised tools required to install Mega Anchors correctly

1. The Mega Anchor Alignment Tool

2. The Mega Anchor Jack Hammer Dolly 


The alignment tool assist with aligning the mega anchor during installation to keep the anchor straight and plumb. 


The Jack Hammer Dolly is the attachement that fits into the jack hammer so that the piles ca be installed. 

How long does it take to install a Mega Anchor?

15 - 20 minutes

The installation time of a mega will vary depending on the length of the piles and ground condition. The average time for installing an anchor is around 15-20 minutes with average pile lengths.   

What is the pile material?

32NB Galvanised Pipe

Pile material for all the mega anchor is 32NB Galvanised Pipe (42.4mm OD) This pipe is available in different thicknesses. the thickness of a pile may be different depending on the application and location of the building.   

What is the expected life span of a mega anchor?

50 Years + for the hot dipped galvanized Mega Anchor. 100 Years + for the Stainless Steel Mega Anchor.

The structural life expectancy of Mega Anchor is designed to comply with the Building code of Australia, to have a design life of not less than 50 years.For longer term requirements specialized paints can be applied, or a cathodic protection system can be incorporated. The life span of a Mega Anchor may vary as it is a galvanized product and the coating will deteriorate at different rates depending on the location and soil type. 

The stainless steel Mega Anchor has a structural life expectancy of 100 years + in standard conditions.

All steel or stainless steel may corrode in extreme conditions or exposed to harsh chemicals.  

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