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About The Mega Anchor




The Mega Anchor is still an easy cost effective solution to all types building, fencing, solar and construction challenges.


Mega Anchor products are being used for all types of projects all over Australia and the world with a steady increase of suppliers and installers. 


With building and construction methods changing over time, new Mega Anchor products are frequently being developed to suit the constantly changing construction industries. 


The Mega Anchor is a patented product.

Patents have been granted in many countries including Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Canada, China, India and South Africa.




The Mega Anchor was invented by Robert Lawson in 1999 as an alternative cost effective solution to conventional construction methods.   

The Mega Anchor was originally designed to replace the conventional concrete stump and brick piers having the ability to support structures of all types.


In its development the Mega Anchor received numerous awards for its truly unique but simple design including the Jim Sweeney Australian

Product Innovation Award(1999), the PATHE GreenSmart Product of the Year Award (2000) and the Japanese good design award (2014)


Over the years the Mega Anchor has been constantly developed and improved to make it compatible to suit many other applications.


The Mega Anchor has evolved over the years with specialised products for different applications in building fencing solar and general construction industries.

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