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Keep up-to-date on past and current Mega Anchor projects throughout Australia & the world.This area gives you direct access to images, videos and general information on Mega Anchor projects, detailing the type and location of each unique project. Each project will be updated as it moves throuh the stages. 

Tathra Community Solar Farm

Mega Anchor Installation Company: Mega Building Industries 

Customer: Alpha Energy

Location: Tathra NSW

Date: February 2015

Project: Eco Sustainable Living

Mega Anchor Installation Company: SustainabuildNow


Location: Yallingup, WA, Australia


Project: Fire Watch Tower Warburton ​

Mega Anchor Installation Company: Mega building Industries

Customer: ARKit / Melbourne Water

Location: Warburton, Victoria, Australia

Date: August 2013

Project: New Caledonia Testing & Construction

​Mega Anchor Installation Company: Eco Construction

Customer: Private Customer

Location: New Caledonia

Date: July 2013

Project: Community Development Project PNG

Mega Anchor Installation Company: Global Modular Solutions 

Customer: Petroleum Resources Kutubu Ltd

Location: PNG

Date: September, 2013

Project: Holiday House Whitfield

Mega Anchor Installation Company: Mega building Industries

Customer: Private Customer

Location: Whitfield, Victoria, Australia

Date: April 2013 

Project: Jetty Kangaroo Ground

Mega Anchor Installation Company: Mega building Industries

Customer: Private Customer

Location: Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, Australia

Date: Febuary 2012  

Project: Mill Park Secondary College

Mega Anchor Installation Company: Unique Modular Buildings

Customer: Mill Park Secondary Collage

Location: Mill Park, Victoria, Australia

Date: March 2012

Project: Kindergarten Coburg

Mega Anchor Installation Company: BaseStumping

Customer: Unique Modular Building

Location: Brunswick Victoria, Australia

Date: July 2013 

Project: Meadow View Baptist Church Glenroy

Mega Anchor Installation Company: Mega Building Industries

Customer: Unique Modular Building

Location: Glenroy Victoria, Australia

Date: December 2012

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